EXCLUSIVE - Kareena Kapoor Khan: I cry every time Saif Ali Khan leaves; even if it's for a shoot

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Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan are one of the royal and strong couples in Bollywood. The duo has been together for at least a decade now. Kareena and Saif tied the knot in 2012.
Saifeena is relationship and marriage goals and there's no denying to that. The way they talk about each other and support each other in every aspect of their lives talks a lot about their love, respect and understanding towards each other.
In an interview with us, when Bebo was asked how has her relationship with Saif has evolved over these many years, her answer was quite cute.
Kareena said that she cries even now whenever Saif leaves. She said, "I cry every time Saif Ali Khan leaves; even if it's for a shoot." The actress said that she cries and misses him whenever he is out.
Isn't that adorable?
Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan became parents in 2016 and their son Taimur Ali Khan is one of the cutest and popular star kids. Along with relationship goals, they have even given us parents goals.
But one thing that has never changed even after so many changes in their relationship is their love and admiration for each other.
Kareena has been balancing her personal and professional life wonderfully and in a recent interview Saif had said, “I love that she's such a committed, concerned mother. She's always been a very loving person, but having Taimur has just brought a different love and warmth to her. When she carries Taimur, he looks so much like her; he's an extension of her.”


Yeah right! I'm sure you cry everyday before you leave for gym too. You two are crazy in love puppies. GFOH!

Now imagine how the little boy feels?Damage control! Plus nobody believes it!!

omg... is this for real... this couple is going downhill really fast. They are talking like 5 year olds now.

Couples tend to miss each other more in old age. They don't really like going anywhere without each other. It's but natural for Kareena to miss her husband in his absence. Thankfully she has amrita and mallaika as good friends.They can arrange those special parties for their lonely friend to cheer her up until saiffudin come back.

So is Taimur , since he was new born you leave him everyday for your self obsession ! Such selfish and lier !

So cute yaa...Not !! People are still being treated for shock-blindness after that trashy video, so pray be silent for a while.


Lucky are people who found true love

Stop your damage control Bebo, this statement sounds beyond ridiculous !

She is the kind of person who prefers spending time with the infamous Arora sisters over her newborn son! Trying to act all devoted wife now after the Cake incident! LOL


Hahaha...who she fooling...

Hahaha...who she fooling...

That's weird...

This article proves what a low IQ Kareena has. Anything to stay in the news.

It's very sweet of her
And it very natural
I feel like crying when my husband leaves. When you love some one, its realy hard to say good byes.
Since they are actors, it doent means that they dont have hearts

Oooh,she's taken a dip here in support. No one believing what she says now. "Perfect couple"

D R A MA more D R A M A

In an interview with us ----> Yeah Pinkvilla who are you kidding? It's clear that it's just a made up story to keep her in the news. After that birthday her PR trying very hard to make her look " oh so sweet " by this type of stupid articles and pictures with her baby. bebo darling if you want to stay in the news, do some movies that you can promote them, stop promoting yourself

Since you dislike bebo so much why do you comment on her articles then.

She is always clinging to him and he seems not that into it

Cause you are worried whether he will keep it in his pants??? Yea, that’s reason enough to cry.

That’s why we haven’t heard any rumors about him in all these years he is with kareena?

chal jhoothi!!

Seriously woman. Stop joking. You all are grown ups right. I actually cried when I had to go to work leaving my twins at home with my mother and nanny. I would see their cute faces in every person I ran into. You went out partying like a day after your son was born. If any you should cry for the precious time you wasted partying than spending time with your son.

I wanna know what did the dick cake taste like?

that's so sweet...she totally adores him, it's so obvious

Damage control post "Once more. Once more" video.

Like her character in Heroine there will be a lot of PR coming out...

I bet in the coming weeks we will see a lot of damage control from her. Great mom, great wife, great human etc...

Suno jaane waale laut ke aana


Aaw love this couple

She truly loves him, hope they will be together forever

She has proved to be honest enough to believe her when she says she cry for her husband

Now why would she do that,Saif isn't a narcissist like shahid.

Lol now this is too much

what about u leaving Taimur?

hahahaha cpying mira

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