EXCLUSIVE - Ranveer Singh on Gully Boy: The film is perhaps closest to my heart after Band Baaja Baraat

Ranveer Singh is all set to play the role of a street rapper in Zoya Akhtar's Gully Boy. The shooting of the film is happening in the city and it also stars Alia Bhatt as the female lead.
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Ranveer Singh has moved over from being Alauddin Khilji in Padmaavat to play a street rapper in Zoya Akhtar's Gully Boy. The talented actor shared his killer transformation on his social media pages and people couldn't stop applauding him for his conviction and dedication.
When we asked him about his transformation, Ranveer stated, "I like to switch things up, I like to do different things. Coming off from Mr Bhansali film to Zoya film then I have Rohit Shetty film is interesting. For me, it's very important that I keep doing different things and the audience shouldn't know what to expect. It should come with double excitement attached to what will come next. I am very keen on not doing the same thing, to not repeat the trick. I am very happy that wonderful opportunities come my way. I think it's very rich phase for me creatively. Coming off from the character like Alauddin Khilji to Gully Boy and from there to Simmba is like venturing into two opposite spectrums. To cover that, it makes me fulfiled as an artist. I am very excited about my upcoming slate."
In Gully Boy, Ranveer will be venturing into his forte as the actor is a rap enthusiast. When asked about Gully Boy, Ranveer told us, "It is incredible. It is a story of these boys who come from tough existence. They are a franchise to a lot of people who have got a tough life. They found an expression in art and in music. They have broken through as recording artists. It's something I feel for, very strongly and the film is perhaps closest to my heart after Band Baaja Baraat because it is my first film but Gully Boy, is closest to my heart because I am keen to be champion of this cause of trying to grow and develop this most wonderful music scenes which are flourishing and coming out of the streets of Mumbai."
It was a no-show for Ranveer Singh in 2017 in the movies as he was prepping hard and shooting for Padmaavat. But in 2018, he has Padmaavat which released in January and Simmba, which will be releasing in the month of December this year.
So, we quizzed Ranveer, if we will be seeing him in three films this year including Gully Boy. To which the actor replied, "I am not sure what the producers have planned. Like I did throughout my career and also in the case of Padmaavat, I have focussed on my performance as in the capacity of an actor. I don't interfere too much in the prerogative of the producers."

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