EXCLUSIVE: Shahid Kapoor on Padmaavat: It was a tiring journey and Mira Rajput was like a wall for me

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Shahid Kapoor's Padmaavat finally hit the screens on January 25, this year, after being embroiled in controversies for over a year. It wasn't an easy journey for Shahid, but it was because of wife Mira Rajput's constant support that he won the battle. 
We recently met Shahid and asked  there was a time when the film was postponed and Karni Sena wanted to ban the film and your one and half years of hard work was at stake. Did you break down then and was Mira the constant support?  
On this, Shahid told us, "Mira has been the constant support throughout. It's character in the film that needs a lot from as an actor. I was like the new entrant in the team which has already worked before. To the fact, the film had to deal with before it actually came out. There was so much written about the film before it was seen. It was a tiring journey and Mira has been a support system and like a wall for me. I couldn't have done it without her."
He, in an interview, said that it was because of wife Mira he took up the challenge of playing Maharawal Ratan Singh in Padmaavat. Taking a cue for his statement, we asked him about Mira's sensibility of choosing roles. Explaining the whole thing to us, he said, "You know sometimes it's not about someone telling you to do something. Sometimes you have a feeling that this will work for you and Mira was very optimistic about it. She has always said that 'you should take up the role'. It was because of just a few words that pushed me to the edge to take up the role."
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This is coming from someone who said he doesn't like talking about his personal life lol

Mira this Mira that cut the crap and Work

He should actually talk less about Meera it actually sounds very artificial.

Shahid speaks more abt wife than his movies..Don’t they get bored of each other?

no one likes mira pls stop talking about her and focus on some acting

I want more of these photos. Both luk really good. And Meeras sari is beautiful

ok mira we know you're going to release some more photos

They released another photo of fashion week..how many photos of this couple alone???

Wow!!! Haters gonna go green with jealousy now. Heh heh heh

Again Mira we get it dude. Mira helps you breathe also

Hi mira.

Love this couple !

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