Amitabh Bachchan threatens to quit Twitter; is Shah Rukh Khan the reason?

Last night, Amitabh Bachchan posted a cryptic tweet of quitting Twitter as his followers got reduced. The Megastar of Bollywood was the most followed Indian actor and has now been dethroned by Shah Rukh Khan.
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Amitabh Bachchan is one of the most active Twitter users we have in the country. He has more than 30 million followers and was amongst the most followed Indians on Twitter around the globe.
Last night, Big B posted a cryptic tweet where he spoke about leaving Twitter. The Megastar tweeted, "T 2599 - TWITTER ..!!!??  you reduced my number of followers .. !!??HAHAHAHAHAHAHA .. !! thats a joke .. time to get off from you .. thank you for the ride ..  .. there are many 'other' fish in the sea - and a lot more exciting !!" 

That's shocking!

Amit Ji was the most followed Indian actor around the world followed by Shah Rukh Khan. We took a glance at the number of followers of both the superstars and it showed that SRK's followers have surpassed Big B's.
While Bachchan Senior has about 3,29,02,353 followers, Shah Rukh has approx 3,29,44,338.
So, did Big B threaten to leave Twitter due to Shah Rukh? What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.
However, Big B on his blog didn't give much detail about leaving Twitter. Instead, he spoke about his work schedule stating, "Most of the day is spent in getting the spine and shoulder to be somewhat functional so that when work starts tomorrow .. and it starts at night till morning on THUGS .. there is some mobility for me to be able to perform.."
The Megastar also added, "So this schedule lasts till mid Feb and then on to the next film called ‘Jhund’ .. in Hindi, झुंड , which for those language challenged, means a bunch of people .. and the people her are a bunch of slum kids who meet the guy who takes them from a life of misdeeds to one of responsible nature & character .. a bio in a sense .. it is the life of a living human who actually did this .. and its in Pune from .. ya as I said, mid Feb .."


He's joking.

Exactly. I think that his social media agency must have told him just how a big a deal it was to lose followers like that and he is taking a dig at them because he is come a long way to care about this shit.

AB at this age, can not care about followers, I do not buy this story! It is too silly!

SRK didn't surpass him, he fell below SRK. What did he do?

My 2 nd grader is more mature than him... childish as shi£. But this applies to all Bollywood stars who fight on social media...and post childish vids and pics ... how can one look up to these bunch of idiots .

Gosh what ignorant population. He is obviously making a mock!! Ziiz find some sense humour.

Couldn’t handle SRK has more followers than him!! How childish!!

Even at this age, they are all about competing. Stardom really makes you go crazy.

Misleading headline...why bring SRK into this?

It may turn out to be a repeat colossal error of judgement as when took premature hiatus aka retirement from acting in films in his mid fifties to focus on business ventures which took it's toll but miraculously until KBC revived his fortunes which is unlikely to be repeated here

Yes, he is. His PR whom he pays millions makes sure he has 3 times more fake accounts that he actually has. And he has lost pretty much all reasonable followers. Just open his Twitter Line and you'll see. Shah Rukh Khan is the most avid identity in Bollywood for superiority.

I think he was kidding

Please do sir, the whole nation will support your decision.

whats T 2599? This man's ego is legendary.

This probably explains why Aishwarya is not on Twitter, probably scared if she gets more followers than her husband there maybe problems at home.

"I wasn't invited"
"You didn't reply to my message"

He has so much work-ads , movies, ..what is he complaining about? In a recent interview on tv, he said tht maintaining social media accounts is draining. So now is the right time when someone else has more followers..

Attention seeking. Hes always pulling stunts for attention.

AB acts extremely humble and modest but he is so freaking insecure and petty omg.

He started acting humble and modest only after the emergence of social media. Prior to that, he was kinda arrogant. A friend of mine approached him for a photograph and he denied very rudely.

He embarrassed himself by taking a selfie with Netanyahu. Karma always comes back regardless of who you are. Pinkvilla, please post!

I guess the age is catching up on you

He is already a legend

Is he a kid?


He the most popular person so need not to be worried at all.stay happy

How insecure you petty person leave the Twitter no one cares

He is not blaming any one, he is just saying they're other ways to be on social media too and he is going to be busy with movies too

True but not on the day somebody else went past his followers. So lame.

He is having some fun. Let him be.

After reaching this age and this stardom, he is still so insecure! God that's so childish.

AB is one insecure man!! His Twitter is a joke!

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