& flix: Here's all you need to know about the exciting new English movie channel on Television

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If you are a sucker for Hollywood entertainment and are bored with the content provided on Television currently, here's an exciting update. Zee Entertainment which has been a pioneer in bringing the best of entertainment at your homes has launched a brand new channel, &flix, which intends to bring Hollywood closer home. 

One might wonder how is &flix different from the number of English language based movie channels available? Well, the fact that &flix promises to be the first one to telecast the latest English movies under their property #BAE [Before Anyone Else] is the first of the many reasons for you to tune to the channel right away. The premieres will be on Sunday at 1 PM. Block the time and dates!

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Finding it difficult to believe? How about we tell you that the channel's first offering to the viewers was Tom Holland starrer Spider-man: Homecoming.  Yes, you read it right!

Now, who doesn't love superhero movies and especially to watch it at the comfort of your home within months of its release? &flix promises to take care of all your preferences targeting all the age groups, even beginners. 

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You have to watch it to believe it.  If you are still not convinced, the interesting line up for the upcoming weeks is sure to do the job. From Dwayne Johnson starrer Jumanji 2, American neo-noir science fiction film Blade Runner 2049 to action-crime thriller Baby, American dark science fantasy film The Dark Tower, the channel appeals to everyone's interest. 

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The most interesting part is that the channel is taking into consideration the time and mood of the audience it intends to target and has accordingly segregated the movies into different categories. The several categories include Best Flix Forever, Late Night Flix and FamJam Flix amongst others. 

If you are a movie buff like us who are waiting to break away from the monotony, we are sure you will be pumped up for &flix. 

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