Padmaavat: After Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone receives a letter from her 'Baba' Amitabh Bachchan

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It was only recently that Ranveer Singh had received a letter from Amitabh Bachchan where senior Bachchan had some sweet words to say to the Padmaavat actor over his performance in the movie. Now, Deepika Padukone has received a letter from Big B regarding the same. 
Deepika took to Instagram and wrote, "there are awards...there are rewards...& then there is THIS!Thank You Baba... @amitabhbachchan."
Deepika and Big B have worked together in many movies including Piku, Aarakshan. 

Check out the post here: 

Meanwhile, when Deepika was asked about the film and her portrayal of Queen Padmavati in the film, she had said, “For me, it is a celebration of womanhood. A celebration of this women’s power and courage. There is something for all of us to learn from that. There is a lot that I put in the character and I have learnt a lot from this character."
When asked if she was shaken by the threats, Deepika had said, “I think the only thing my parents were concerned about was that I am a single girl living in a city all by myself.At the same time, they had that thought and belief that I can take care of myself.”
In another interview, when the Piku actress asked how was it working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali in Padmaavat, she answered, "He had this eerie sort of silence and calm on this film. It's almost like he knew exactly what he was doing with this film. There was not a dot of any doubt in his mind about the characters, about the film or where this film was headed."
She added, "I think it comes from the fact that he has so much clarity about the subject, but I think it also means immense amount of clarity for as far as Padmavati was concerned in terms of what kind of woman she is, what are her beliefs, what does she stand for and he knew exactly. He was like a horse with blinders. He knew exactly where he was headed.I have done three films with him in six years and I have never seen him more confident or more sure of the film that he was making."


Does Shahid get a letter from mr Bachchan also now? Hahahhahahahah

I Finally got the time to watch this movie and honestly Deepika is just a robot beautifully decorated nothing extraordinary about her performance. She had much better roles in her previous movies. This movie belongs totally to Ranveer, you can’t miss a scene when he’s on screen, he has done an amazing performance.

I don't think he's doing her any favors here. Under the guise of praising others, he's gaining publicity for himself.

The comments are always more entertaining than the story!!

BUt she was bad in the film! Liar AB

But she was great in the film. Liar jealous Kat.

They are giving this man’s letters too much importance and I turn feeding his ego. Whatever, I don’t remember him ever giving an award to Ranbir, Aamir, SRK or Irrfan for any of their performances. Likely because they would t give it a shot much importance as these guys are.

Ranbir he has I know for Rockstar and Barfi too I think. He was doing it from long, but Ranveer was the one who started to talk about it publicly the most and that's why everyone knows and wants

Very sweet of him!

Amazon tabs is now bullying Twitter India. Most insecure man.

Kit I desperate hai ye ladki

She disrespected her senior, at least he is generous enough to even acknowledge her mannequin like performance.

To err is human. Dp didnt disrespected her senior. Lol mannequin like performance? DP performance was the best. she is not like mannequin kat
dont ignore n biased plz pv

She did not invite mr. bachchan for pike party. She accused him of sexual abuse through her PR and now begging letter for her bad parformane in a film. Sad state of life.

Dear jealous kat n PR, PD or her PR never accused him for sexual abuse. where u there when she was begging? lol DP performance was awesome and she only get praise. I pity ur sad life.
dare not to ignore pv . dont be baised. if u can psot lies by kat pr so post truth by dp fans
plz post. its imp

Lol Kat PR stop spreading lies. Dp PR never did that. Haha Berger for bad performance? Dp didn't get a single bad review about her acting. Kat didn't get any letter so burning. I pity you. Don't be biased towards dp

Where did her PR accuse him for sexual abuse? Don't spread lies. Lol were u there when she begged him? Jealous hater. Dp performance was awesome. Sad state of life. Keep burning. Dare not to ignore the truth plz pv. Post don't be biased

This AB letter has become a serious bone of contention in Bollywood

Careful big b. That tiny man is good at holding grudges.


Dont worry. Shahid will get a letter too. Amitabh Bachchan is pretty mature and he wont leave him out.

Yeah Kat is good at holding grudges. Even her costars said it. Post pv plz don't be biased towards dp

poster above is referring to Shahid genius, not DP

After manhandling her during piku he does this and she's forgotten it all. Shows how sick the life of showbiz is

Lol at DP haters who said she only shares rk parents flower. For attention
On your face. She shared harshali message and one more person flowers. Post pv plz don't be biased towards

Bohut kamal kia, tomorrow you will say she found cure for cancer and HIV also

Good one. Lol. Both DP and Kat are bad actresses.

Damage control again Mr Bachchan

Super Star Deepika Padukone

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