PadMan: Deepika Padukone accepts Akshay Kumar’s challenge of posting a picture holding a sanitary pad

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Akshay Kumar starrer PadMan is all set to hit the screens on 9th February, 2018 and the team is going all out to promote the film. The film is directed by R Balki and produced by Twinkle Khanna under her home banner Mrs Funnybones Productions.

Akshay Kumar yesterday challenged Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone and Virat Kohli to hold a pad in their hands and post a picture of the same on their social media handles. And Alia instantly accepted the challenge by posting a picture of her holding a sanitary napkin during her workout session.

After Alia, Deepika Padukone also posted a picture on her Instagram account. She captioned it saying, ''Thank you for tagging me @akshaykumar ! Yes, that’s a Pad in my hand & there's nothing to be ashamed about...It's natural! Period. #PadManChallenge. Copy, Paste this & Challenge your friends to take a photo with a Pad! Here I am challenging Badminton Champion & Olympic Medal Winner@pvsindhu1.'' The actor has now passed on the challenge to PV Sindhu.


Well, we all know that Akshay had pushed the release date of PadMan from January 25 to February 9, allowing Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum-opus Padmaavat to release uncontested on January 25, 2018.

When Deepika Padukone was asked about this gesture of Akshay, she had stated, "I read a quote which said only from a heart you can touch this sky. I think that is so relevant in this situation. It is relevant even with our film. We made this film with all our heart. In spite of all the stones that were thrown at us, all the hurdles that we faced and all the roadblocks we came across, the film is invincible in that sense. It's gone beyond us in fact today. The audience has become the torchbearer of the film now."

She concluded by saying, "But I think gestures like these say a lot about a person."

Talking about Padman, Akshay Kumar will be seen as Arunachalam Muruganantham, inventor of low-cost sanitary napkins for women in rural areas. The movie also stars Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapoor in lead roles. 

Earlier, when Akshay was asked about starring in PadMan which delves into the topic of menstruation, the actor had stated to the daily, "If you change nothing, nothing will change. It’s not about being bold, but about breaking taboos that hold us back. I have lived with women all my life, yet I hav learnt more about the topic while making this film than ever before. I do not mind who I offend or whose stomach I turn by being bold, this is not the Stone Age; menstruating is natural."


That's the spirit!

I thought this challenge was silly at first.. but even here in the states there’s still stigma. cashiers will double bag menstrual items so u can’t see what’s inside

The whole purpose is to remove the taboo associated with the menstruation by holding these pads we basically asking all women to stop being ashamed while buying a sanitary pad or while carrying it...this implies to all women esp one who stays in orthodox families and remote areas

i find this whole thing stupid and senseless. I understand that we women don't like or not comfortable to talk about it but what i don't understand is how does that matter? its not like women are going through some problem during periods that they need to talk about it, if they are facing any issues they will talk to their mother or friend and to doctor. what is so empowering to talk about it? it happens every she need to talk to everyone every month about it? does that matter?. In one of Sonam's interaction with press i guess she was asked how she felt for the first time it happened, i mean what is that question, i seriously don't understand the need to talk about it, how does that helps change the society? its just periods, its normal which happens every month, thats it, whats the big deal about it is i fail to understand


this was adorable, they challenged and she accepted.. not much else to it

Challenge Kareena and Aish too

Love you Deepika, saw your Padmaavat yesterday and such incredible performances by you, Shahid and Ranveer. Hats off to Sanjay Bhansali and team Padmaavat

Sonam should learn from Dp how to promote others movie .

Wow now thanking akshay

Invite Karni to promote pad campaign :-) just joking

Cutie pie.


you may find it gross, but she did right thing. Akshay moved his film for Padmaavat and she is just returning little favor. proud of you.

DP is supporting sonam movie. But sonam is doing campaign against DP movie. Sawara is her PR. Also she retweet her letter without seeing the movie.

Ministers n govt should join the campaign it's about improving hygene and helping poor women

DEEPIKA is such a sweet person. She is promoting sonam film. On the other hand jealous sonam retweeting and liking letter against DEEPIKA film. Shows how sonam is
Truth should be posted plz pv don't ignore

Yeah, it's not like women hold pads literally every month or anything. This is a patronizing gimmick, Akshay Kumar. I hope your movie flops.

Dp looks so stunning without tons of makeup.

She has toms of foundation my dear

She looks gorgeous.

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