Shah Rukh Khan to promote Zero throughout the year; find out how

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Shah Rukh Khan is known for his unique style of promoting his films. He unveils small promos or travels on a train as part of the promotional strategy of his films. Currently, he is completing the shoot of his upcoming film, Zero which will release this year itself.
On January 1, 2018, Shah Rukh announced the title of the film and shared the glimpse of his look much to the excitement of his fans. Now, as per reports in a leading daily, King Khan will be unveiling something or the other during the major festivals of India until the release of the film throughout the year. 
Talking about it, a source stated to the daily, "SRK wants to make it more of a celebration. Hence, he has decided to post tidbits from the film, to commemorate each festival." During the release of Anushka Sharma's film Pari which is set to the hit to hit the screens during Holi weekend, the official poster of Zero might be released. The source said, "The film’s official poster hasn’t been unveiled. Even the looks of Katrina Kaif and Anushka have been kept under wraps. So, SRK definitely has some plans for Holi."
Moreover, Zero has Salman Khan in a special cameo and the superstar's film Race 3 is coming out in Eid. The source further said, "Salman and Shah Rukh are buddies and the former even has made a cameo in a song for Zero. While the first teaser was just a glimpse of the character, the second one is expected to give an insight into what the film is all about. The VFX team is busy with the post-production work and the entire cast and crew is happy with the way it’s turning out."
Finally, during Diwali weekend, we have Aamir Khan's film Thugs of Hindostan. So, Shah Rukh is most likely to unveil the trailer of Zero which will be attached to the theatrical release of Thugs of Hindostan. The source added, "The first three-minute trailer of SRK’s film will definitely be attached to the prints of Aamir’s actioner."
This kind of promotion is indeed interesting!
What do you guys have to say about it? Let us know in the comments below.


This film was a doomed for a bomb as soon as that Anu thing signed.

I'd like to point out that SRK's promotions so far have been just his effects of being a dwarf and nothing of the story and they make me cringe, while Anushka's Pari promotions has been just her makeup and effects and nothing (directly) from the story, and they look fantastic, and everyone is intrigued by it.

SRK has made very questionable choices in his last movies. The last really good movie SRK movie has made was My Name Was Khan, and all the movies before had put him on such a winning streak. Some since have been alright-average, but some have been just TERRIBLE. From picking Katrina Kaif as his star to the weirdass teaser they released, this one looks bad, their trailer will have to be much better.

This movie looks like a flop based on the angle they are taking it in. They need to show they he (and Aanand and the girls) have picked a good story and script) not just "ha ha, he's short, cool".

To everyone who thinks this is a similar approach to his Ra. One promotional strategy, I think you are wrong. Ra. One was promoted heavily the month before release to the point where you saw nothing but Ra. One everywhere on every single media outlet (TV shows, ads, toys, videogames, etc.). This, however, seems to be more tame. It's showing up only once every couple of months just as a reminder that this film will release at the end of the year. It's a much smarter marketing technique if you ask me. Gives people more time to become familiar with the product while also getting them gradually more interested as time passes.

All these comments look like they were written by the same person (a Ranveer fan).

It will be the biggest disaster anyways

He did the same thing with Ra.One, we all know how that movie turned out.

SRK has lost the plot, ever since Ra One, he keeps churning out duds

i loved!

Ranveer is the new superstar

Ranbir talks Shahrukh sucks

Shahrukh you are a flop Ranveer is the new hero

Shahrukh you are nothing in front of Ranveer

DP and Rs fans leave this post

Deepika and Ranveer fans are always working on other post they should need to worry about their Idol movies not others

Still won't work. Seems like this is another Ra 1

God save us

not excited at all

He just doesn't seems to get the fact that he is just not the lover boy anymore.
do something without a romantic angle. like chak de

No matter how much SRK promotes Zero, it will flop. The teaser looked terrible and people are already sick of his excessive promotions for each movie. If the product is good, there is no need for such promotions

Suddenly 2018 is looking to be a looooong, long, long year ugh. Hopefully PV will break it up with photos of star kid babies and toddlers so I can get thru

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