Taimur Ali Khan and Misha Kapoor to attend Karan Johar's twins Roohi and Yash's 1st birthday?

Karan Johar's twins Roohi and Yash Johar will be turning a year old on February 7, 2018. Karan has planned star kids studded party with Taimur Ali Khan and Misha Kapoor on the guest list.
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Karan Johar surprised many when he had revealed that he was a father to twins Roohi and Yash Johar via surrogacy. The tiny toddlers were born on February 7, 2017, and the proud dad had taken to Twitter to make the announcement. 
As Karan's twins will soon be celebrating their first birthday, unlike a big star-studded bash, Karan will be keeping things intimate and instead star kids will be gracing the birthday party instead, according to a leading daily.
"It’s a small birthday party at home, with just kids their age. I want to keep it simple and intimate this year," Karan stated to the daily. 
About the guest list, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan's son Taimur Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput's daughter Misha Kapoor have been invited amongst others. 
A source revealed to the daily, "Karan has already spoken to his friends and invited them and their tiny tots to the party at his home. So there will be Taimur Ali Khan, Adira Chopra, Misha Kapoor, Laksshya Kapoor and some other B-Town kids."
This is definitely going to be the party of the year, indeed!
Recently, Karan penned an open letter to his kids in a leading magazine as he talked about being a father. 
The filmmaker started off saying, "I was 44-years-old when you were born to me, and almost immediately you made me as sentimental as a Hallmark greeting card. I spout clichés on how magical the two of you are, how you have filled the vacuum in my life and how you made my house a home, but it’s true."
"You’ve changed my life completely, and I’m not complaining. I worry a lot more than I ever did—I have these strange thoughts about my insurance premium, my will, even the division of my assets. I stay awake some nights wondering who I can appoint your guardian if something happened to me," Karan added.


They're just babies, yet somehow this is full of drama?

We want to finally see Kjo and Manish together with them please !!!!

Tim will be the little star of the party

Karan shares a good bond wid bebo n def their kids wil bcom friends too.. can’t say this for shahid!
Can’t wait for taimur new pics!

Naughty and smiley Taimur with grumpy Misha

Wait for Karan to post a pic of them with this caption: Jab Taimur met Misha

LOL, and this will happen; they will both be actor and actress and star together.

Taimur will overshadow all just like how he did for Adhira’s birthday

Is a kjo party really Shahid Mira types? Kjo plastic gang is so unsavory. Shahid Mira family attend bhajans she and all. After that goa sex hijinks, panjandrum Kapur might not want Misha in that group. I wouldn't.

Only pinkvilla can write such a long article on such a topic.

I'm only excited to see taimur. Missing him badly

I'm actually excited for this party

Taimur will surely be the star of the party just like he was at adira party.

We might get to see first photo of shahid and bebo kids together.

I'll be suprised if mira and kareena actually meet and talk. Maybe we get a video of them talking or completely ignoring each other never know.

Not the kids pr looks like karan pr to me. Trying to bring some publicity to his kids 1st birthday party. After the party there will be articles out how mira,shahid and bebo avoided each other.

Can't wait to see new photos and videos of taimur. Missing my Lil munchkin

Obviously karan is going to like taimur more as he's more closer to bebo who he considers as his sister. He's said many times that bebo is the sister he never had and wish he had. He also announced taimur birth on twitter, he always wishes bebo on her birthday. He's always been more close to bebo than shahid naturally he's going to like taimur more nothing wrong with that.

do these kids have pr too?

It’s apparent that Karan like Tim more than misha. He wished Tim on his birthday but not misha

Dude he says Kareena is like his suster, does he have the same equation with Shahid?

Lol I wonder how Misha gonna give cold shoulder to Timu. So cute it is!

He wants his party to trend so of cos he will invite taimur,the flavour of the season.

I want to hold n kiss mishu

For that, you have to stop going out Mira.

Mishu love u

Okay so don't expect any face-off drama. One will arrive after one has left...

I'm looking forward to see whether both mira and bebo interact with each other or not

Taimur will be close to them

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