Arjun Kapoor gets nostalgic on his mom's birthday; says she can fire him for all nonsense he has done

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That Arjun Kapoor was very close to his mother Mona Kapoor is something that we all are aware about. The actor lost his mother days before his debut film Ishaqzaade released, leaving a permanent void in his life. Today, the actor got nostalgic as it's her birthday and share a collage of pictures with mom. 

He wrote, "Happy birthday Mom...wish you were by my side I miss u lots... hope ur smiling and happy wherever u are... I know one day we will see each other n u can fire me for all the nonsense I did wrong and for all my silliness but till then spread ur love like u did when u were by our side."
In an interview with a leading daily, when the actor was asked how does he reconcile with the fact that his mother isn't here to witness his success, Arjun replied, "I cannot. I've kept her room as it is. Every day, when I would come home, I would go to her room and talk to her. And now, when I come back, I just stand there, quietly, before going to my room. So reconciling is not a word I can even use, let alone apply. How do I reconcile with the fact that she's not here to see that I have created an independent identity for myself, that I run a house, that I've grown up to become everything she wanted me to become?"
He added, "For all the sacrifices she has made for me, there is something as payback which sits here right now as I speak to you. I would have liked her to see that. I wish I was in a position where I could tell her that I have managed to make you proud, Ma. There's no respite from the death of a mother. I always tell people that you are allowed to take your parents for granted to a certain degree but don't underestimate the power of having them around. They are your backbone. You think it's there but imagine one day it cracks -- you are bound to fall. I have lived my life balancing without a backbone for the last 5 years." 
When quizzed as to how does he fill up the void that his mother has left in his life and the Kapoor lad admits, "I can't. My mother's room is still there and it has enough significance to remind me that she's still there, watching out for me. When I received my first paycheque, I did exactly what would have made her happy. She wanted me to buy a car with my own money."
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This is why i can't like Sridevi

I feel extremly sad for you arjun. Life is difficult without parents. But pls feel the same for arhaan khan too.

No respect for women who poach on married men and break up families.

Top blame lies with the married man and then of course the stupid other woman who succumbs to the married man's wooing!

Stop seeing Mallaika and your mom somewhere above might feel happy. It's easier to write things like this,actions more difficult.

Love you, my dear Ajju baby. Our mums never leave us. I grew up without my father and my mother is the love of my life; she is my everything and I cannot imagine a life without her. Your mum is watching you from heaven and I am certain that she will be very proud of both you and your sister, Anshula. A very Happy Birthday to your Mum. May yours and Anshula's lives always be filled with infinite love, countless blessings and and unconditional dedication to one another. Every mum deserves a son like you, and every sister deserves a brother like you. Take care and God bless.

Poor kid.He mentions his sister and mum quite often.Not only did his mother have an illness,she also had the trouble when Boney abandoned them.His mother must be looking down at him with pride, for the fact that he has turned out to be a genuine and good human being.God bless.

He may not be a great actor but always comes across as a very genuine and caring person. May he learn to deal with his sorrow with a smile on his face. Love you Arjun from USA.

It is quite touching and moving... I feel sad for him

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