Sushant Singh Rajput’s latest Instagram picture is going viral, here’s why

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Sushant Singh Rajput today shared a few pictures from his latest photoshoot on his Instagram account. 

In one of the photos, a rather tired Sushant is seen sitting on a chair with his jeans down (till his knees) and his brief is visible. One can see a female hand holding out a dryer towards his jeans which is stained by water. He captioned the image saying, ‘’ My Girl My Girl Don’t lie to me.’’


My Girl My Girl Don’t lie to me... @arjun.mark

A post shared by Sushant Singh Rajput (@sushantsinghrajput) on


Well, what do you guys think of this picture? Let us know in the comments section below.

There are other pictures also available from the same photoshoot, in which we can see Sushant sitting on a toy penguin and in one, he is setting on a dustbin and checking out a magazine with semi-nude girls on it.

Sushant Singh Rajput is currently working on Abhishek Chaubey’s next film with Bhumi Pednekar. He will be also seen in Kedarnath. 

He will be playing the role of a pithoo in the film. In an interview with us, he told us, "I don’t debate those things – like these are things I normally don’t do in my life but instead I think I should be doing them. It’s just that I have to do what my character does and that’s non-negotiable. A few days back if you asked me if I know how to cook I would have said no, it could have been different but now, yes, I can say I know the basics of cooking (laugh). I can cook everything – like daal, chawal and roti to sabzis. Recently I went to meet the CRPF jawans at Manipur for Jai Jawan for August 15 and I made some nice, perfectly round, thin rotis there for them and you know that someone who can make round rotis can make daal-chawaal too! Now I can safely say I have the basic instinct to survive and how."
Kedarnath is slated for Christmas 2018 release.


He should use a sock next time.

No bulge, not hot.

No wonder our country is becoming a rapistan.

Don't know why but this guy comes across as a creep & Disguting personality.

Susu rajpoot. Great pic

Urrrrm am I the only one in this; where's the bulge?

well, now we know *ahem*

Oh well.. he believes any publicity is great...good or bad doesn't matter...he has to be in limelight somehow...if he is not he will be yesterday's story and fade into oblivion..and yes there has to be something of shock value for junta to take notice... look at Ranveer..most ridiculous antics and totally OTT but junta did not forget him....he is intelligent and is doing this so that he is not forgotten......

What even?!

Weird. Just weird.

Please stop trying to make him happen

God knows why people have to overreact so much on just one photo from a photoshoot. He's not breaking any law. It's his photoshoot he has the right to do what he wants. He himself said he never cared for his public image. The photographer and the creative team decided to take a risk and experiment. So it didn't work this time big freaking deal man. Life goes on. In Hollywood almost everyone has gone nude for at least one magazine cover so such stuff never makes headlines there anymore. There's no nudity here but people are so offended that someone spilt water on an actor's pants for a photoshoot but most of them don't make enough effort to keep their streets clean and reduce public open defamation. I mean really? And then you get angry when others call us intolerant? What else do you call it?

I don't see the ad that way. It's more of him being tired after cumming.

Well then that reflects you mentality I guess... Cuz most of his trollers even on Insta it was peeing. Either way who cares. I don't remember Ranveer getting so much hate for his controversial ads and other over the top stuff especially the picture with topless girls in Switzerland which wasn't for an ad or photoshoot or anything despite having a steady girlfriend or the AIB thing where he let people pass sexual jokes on Deepika on a public stage. Nobody calls Ranveer out on any of this stuff. First time Sushant stepped out of his comfort zone and experimented most people here are behaving like he's the worst and cheapest womanizer on the planet really? Like sick and tired of this hypocrisy.

I mean *defection. Seriously it's not a big deal. There are far more important things that deserve people's attention and energies.

Why all this outsiders with humble background like this guy ,kangana and nawaz and are so cheap?!...

Adult diapers someone!!!! haha gross!!!

Such a hottie and and DP rsn

Really living up to the nickname "susu"


He is not a bollywood material
No comparison of him actors like ranbir and ranveer

This guy comes across as a creep. Too much of effort he puts in to click with the audience only to fall flat on his face..

He is a good actor..but this picture is just gross!

All those typing "hot" "sexy" etc are must be kriti or sushant himself. He is so unlikeable.

Unlikeable based on what? Based on just one photo or one breakup. Just like you are allowed to voice your opinion so are his or Kriti's fans. If they want to compliment who are you to mock them or discourage them from doing so? Sushant is busy with his 12 hour shoots. He doesn't have the time to waste on low lifes like you.


Uff hot

Sexy man


Why his jean is wet,if it's suggestive photo,that he just comes out

never liked this guy ughh

Wait did he pee in his pants? Lol

this is so stooopid..bhahahahhahahahahahahahaahahahahah!!!!!!!!

This guy is so unlikebale. The pic makes no sense

Wah!! Kya photography art hai!! Lol

So a blow dry is his version of a blow job...and that expression?!

He thinks he is sexy but I think “ gross “

It's very disturbing and obscene to me. crazy guy lol

These are weird. Models have to do whatever the heck the are paid to do but actors normally have some choice.

Omg hot

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