Varun Dhawan is the perfect gentleman to Natasha Dalal in these photos from their dinner date

Varun Dhawan and girlfriend Natasha Dalal have been dating for a few years and last night, the couple were spotted at a dinner date with a few of their close friends.
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Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal's relationship status has been the talk of the town for the longest time. Last year, there were strong rumours suggesting that the couple had called it quits. However, a lunch date with Varun's entire family and a movie date with a lot of hand-holding squashed the reported rumours to rest. 
Last night, the pair was spotted post a dinner date in the city with their close friends and were all smiles as they were hounded by fans and the paparazzi. Varun was seen being a gentleman and holding Natasha's hand as he guided her to their car. 
The shutterbugs caught the couple laughing up a storm before they exited the venue and we can't help by fawn over how adorable Varun and Natasha look together. 
Check the pictures out:
A while back, on Neha Dhupia's talk show, when Varun was asked about Natasha, the actor stated, "I have never hidden about my relationship, I have been spotted at several occasions. I have never spoken about it openly, that's because the media makes different stuff and versions with it. They make you fight, break up, patch up, this and that."
"And she is not from the film line and as much as I can protect her from the crazy ogling, logging everything. I am protecting my personal life because for me that's my sanctity. When I am done with shooting and home, that's my reality check," Varun continued.
On the work front, Varun will next be seen in Shoojit Sircar's October which also marks the debut of Banita Sandhu. October is slated to release on April 13, 2018.


Love VD for how loyal he is to his girl. Always stay like this. RK and others should learn from him.

Over reactions on pinkvilla, lol

Does he really think that we are going to believe all this facade?

Ok VD.We all agree that you are the most loyal bf in the world.Now stop irritating us.

He is such a liar.First says don't want to talk about his personal life & then gets spotted with his gf every other day.

A loyal bf who has cheated on his gf with Alia,Nargis & Kriti.

Go, get your brain treated. Get the filth out. Nothing of above happened.

Varun & Alia were liking each other's posts on Insta recently & now they both went quite suddenly.

How is an outing with friends a date?

The damage has been done.No one believes that you are a loyal bf VD.

He is total damage control mode.It's so obvious.

Natasha is smiling in front of the cameras lately.Reading PV comments? :D

He is going overboard now & it's irritating.

He only uses her to clean his flirts and player attitude with the actresses and be seen by the public like a loyal boyfriend. With the latest blinds he cannot save his loyal bf image, keep trying u are only another RK

He only uses her to clean his flirts and player attitude with the actresses and be seen by the public like a loyal boyfriend.

What date ? They r always in groups .
Bored much VD , or forced ?
Give it any name but love .
Please ;)

Never seen these two going on a date without friends.

Thar girl priyal seth is so Hot & attractive, far better then both Alia & Natasha, Varun should make a switch

VD is not like you RK

loving this guy

Good Varun. Stay with your girl. The only reason he could never call Karan out on the Alia affair like Ranbir just did was because Karan has made him into the star he is.

He's become man now! No link ups and PR games. Loving it . Love you VD

Varun is the man! These two are couple goals

A man who has cheated multiple times in his gf.

So cute! Love these two :)

Omg I'm seriously starting to feel embarrassed to be your fan Varun, what have you turned into. This is not the way to stay in the news or defend rumours

He is doing this due to KJO, So that Alia & Ranbir rumors can be spread & creates news for his movie Brahmastra. KJO is sick.

he's doing it for the love of his gf natasha. not all play reel and real like you kat

Love?What kind of a loving bf cheats on his gf.

When you join the dots you will understand, how does immediately after RIL event, Varun-Alia not spotted together & Varun-Natasha & Ranbir- Alia are together everywhere, also Alia goes to Israel with Ranbir & then those articles & then Ranbir getting pissed of with KJO & Alia. Varun is simply a scapegoat here, he is doing something which he never likes.

Ranbir Alia stuff is to promote their film. Now what's Varun excuse to go overboard like this

its VD not RK

Not all are like you RK. Ppl are smart and knw wats special for them and wats impotnt

Don't corrupt him RK. He's doing grate

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